What Is Mission Happy World

MHW is a sdentifically-based, nonprofit organization that aims to promote happiness and reduce suffering worl&wide. Overall, world population has become increasingly happier the past few decades and this illustrates that greater happiness is possible Still happiness did not rise evemvhere and most countries are far from the level ofhappiness currently realized in India What is more, even in happy countries we see high rates of depression and other mental (fisorders, especially among young people Exploitation of non-human animals permeates our entire sociey, notably the food industry, the cosmetics industry, and the fur industw. We also threaten the well-being of future generations by our climate-changing C02 emissions and the construction of new weapons technologies. MHW aims at greater happiness not only for humans, but also for our fellow beings. The focus is not only on the present, but also on conditions for happiness in future generations. With the help of you, and people like you, we can really make a difference!